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Many Clients feel that Landscape Lighting is one of the most satisfying purchases they have ever made. When properly designed and installed, Night lighting will completely transform the look and feel of your home, landscape, and surrounding outdoor spaces.
A successful design accentuates the unique attributes of your home and landscape while also providing light for a safe passage of walkways and paths at night. Outdoor patios,

 decks, and pool surroundings come to life with Landscape Lighting. Not only does it evoke WOW! from your neighbors and guests, a well designed system will increase the use and enjoyment of these areas well into the evening hours. Ever wonder how good your home could look with Landscape Lighting but hesitant to spend the money? We offer demonstration kits that we can temporarily install at your home, leave a week or so, just so you can get the feel of life with Landscape Lighting. We think you'll Love it. We offer several low voltage lighting systems and can accommodate most budgets. Give us a call to set up a free consultation to talk further about Landscape Lighting and how it can benefit you.

F.A.Q.'s about Landscape Lighting:


Q. Will it make a big difference on my power bill each month?

A. Of course it depends on the size of the system and how long it runs each night, but most clients do not notice any difference in their power bill. If an average size system runs for about 4-5 hours each night, usually an increase of 5-10% can be expected. If the system's timer is changed throughout the year to accommodate changing day length, usually less than that can be expected.

Q. Will the lawn and beds be tore up during installation?

A. Minimum damage will occur when the cable is installed. The cable is low voltage cable and is recommended to be installed right under your mulch layer for bed areas, and below aeration depths for turf. If the job is done correctly, you will probably have a hard time knowing we were there, except for at night of course.

Q. What kind of lights are available?

A. There are several lights to choose from in every color and finish imaginable. There is a fixture out there to suit almost anyone's style and budget. We suggest going to  to get more ideas and see some of the fixtures that are available.

Q. How can I get an idea of the finished look?

A. Call or contact us today to schedule a free demonstration so you can see what life with Landscape Lighting is all about.